Melted Chocolate Zombie Bunny

So I created this look for Easter. Not an average bunny face paint look.

To see how I created it keep reading.

This look was actually was very easy to do and did not take to long either.

1. Using a white kohl pencil I drew the main features of the bunny that would be different colours from the rest.

2. I started filling in those areas with Snazaroo face/body water activated paints. For the eye area I used a dark brown, bunny's cheeks pink. I used the white kohl pencil to fill in the teeth.

3. Then with a light brown paint and a flat wide brush I painted around those areas. Doing two coats.

4. Then painting down the neck and chest. On the left is one layer, on the right the second layer. Its best to do two as you get better coverage.

5. Using a fine paintbrush and black paint I filled in the bunny nose, lined around the eyes and did lines inside the eye areas.

6. Then did melted lines going down my face,neck and chest.

7. Using a black eyeshadow and a fine brush I began adding shadow to the melted lines. Use your finger to smudge it so it isn't harsh.

8. Then using the white kohl pencil and added highlighted lines to the melted area. This makes it more realistic.

9. Then went around the bunny's pink cheeks with black on a fine paintbrush.Also adding whiskers.
I lined the teeth and did fine little lines through the teeth.

10. Added a wig from Dealz (€1.50) and Bunny ears (€1.50) and my Melted Chocolate Zombie Bunny was complete.

Paints used: Snazaroo (click here)
They are water activated paints.

Hope these steps were easy to follow.

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Siobhan XX

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